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Steinbeis Temming Papier GmbH & Co.

Stadtstraße 2-14

25348 Glückstadt


+49-(0)4124 / 91 20 1 
+49-(0)4124 / 91 12 10 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
185 Mio EUR 
Contact person: 
Franz Winterer 

Industrial sector

  • Paper industry


Fields of application

  • Printing industry



Graphic recycled paper for a multitude of uses

  • Coated web offset paper: “Steinbeis Character” for distinctive catalogues, magazines and leaflets (glossy or matt)
  • Office stationery: “Steinbeis Vision” for all typical office equipment, such as laser printers, copiers, fax machines, inkjet printers, etc. (available in three degrees of whiteness and 10 hues)
  • Coloured paper: “Steinbeis Signaset” for the most varied needs – from advertising placards via leaflets to lottery and cloakroom tickets. (12 hues)


Other locations

  • 74376 Gemmrigheim, Baden-Württemberg, (Production of all format-cut and reel-finished coloured paper, as well as high-grammage web offset paper)



  • DIN ISO 9001
  • DIN ISO 14001


Paper with best values

Since the foundation through Peter Gerhard Temming innovativeness and continous existing readiness for readiness have its firm place in the philosophy of Steinbeis Temming.


The increasing scarcity of worldwide resources and a growing demand for paper makes it necessary that all market participants – suppliers and consumers – change their traditional ways of thinking and re-orientate themselves on forward-looking values. Steinbeis Temming realised the indication of time and develops and produces graphic recycled paper out of 100 percent waste paper – exclusively and without compromise. Highest technological standards, committed research and development and capable employees make development and production processes possible, which result is the production of high quality papers by maximum protection of natural resources. For the past three decades the company is leading in the European recycled paper industry.


Printing experts’ admire the paper because of its numerous advantages:

  • Optimal gloss behaviour (image areas gloss convenient, but text passages provide no inconvenient reflections)
  • High opacity (the paper density prevents the strike through of the print to the next page, also by low grammages)
  • Excellent runnability (high dimension rigidity and tearing ability allow high running speeds. Short-dated deadlines can be easily kept. The processing on fast, wide machines is trouble-free and helps to reduce costs)
  • First-class printability (The print results captivate through maximum constancy over the complete printing edition)
  • Good drying behaviour<o:p> </o:p>


Paper from Steinbeis Temming combines highest quality and highest possible environmental compatibility from the production until the final product with economical advantages. Clearly, sustainability can only be reached if ecology and economy are accordable. Therefore Steinbeis Temming received numerous national and international environmental awards.

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