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Dr. Ing. Jochen Wangermann 

Industrial sector

  • Fabrication of bicycle components


Fields of application

  • All quality bicycles



  • Hub dynamo RENAK ENPARLITE



  • Büchel GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG



  • AGB Nr. K10914 (Federal Office for Automobiles)


To be seen & having a good view on tour - with the hub dynamo RENAK ENPARLITE

Bicycle lightning was many years the stepchild of the bicycle development. Certainly a highly reliable light supply is only sometimes required, but to abandon the light on the bicycle would be foolish, if not fatal careless. The state-of-the-art documents the enjoyable progress, which is achieved today. It ensures a safe participation at the road traffic by bicyclists, also by night. 


By the power regeneration there are next to the classics and mostly not very reliable, so called friction wheel dynamos and only since a couple of years hub generators, which generate also under difficult conditions good efficiency and safe electricity. Jochen Wangermann was one of the first to develop a hub dynamo, which represents the result of inventiveness and power to enforce quality “made in Germany” with its very specific advantages. 


The difference to hub dynamos of different manufacturers is the installed gear, which allows complete mechanical disconnection of the dynamo. Bicyclists, who are not driving constantly with light, do not have to get additional strains in the off state. This would not be possible with a gearless solution. The hub provides flicker-free light already by low speed and avoids damaging transfer voltage also by running speed. It can be integrated in every quality bicycle without soldering parts and runs off state absolute sound free. By the application of extra large, industrial fabricated and maintenance-free deep groove ball bearings the hub is highly loadable, so that driving with heavy luggage in the compound is possible.


RENAK ENPARLITE is in comparison to other hub dynamos significantly easier and belongs with its slim and unobtrusive form to the most elegant hub dynamos. Due to its numerous advantages and its fully-developed technology there is a great demand for ENPARLITE 2. Our company will be the person to contact for upgrading in future, whereby an intensive cooperation with the specialised trade is strived for. In future our cooperation partner, the company Büchel will take care of the initial equipment of new bicycles. Together we will advance the hub dynamo RENAK ENPARLITE according to our customers’ needs.

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