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Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH

Johann-Hinrich-Fehrs-Straße 2

25361 Krempe


+49-(0)4824 / 48 3 
+49-(0)4824 / 27 01 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
Contact person: 
Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Hungermann 

Industrial sector

  • Special construction of machinery


Fields of application

  • Storage and conveyance of goods for all branches of industry (e.g. printing industry, logistics, steel stockholders)
  • Disposal technology for the dual system



  • Storage systems (e.g. high-rise racking, honeycomb storage systems, long term storage)
  • Material flow systems (e.g. rack storage handling, floor conveyors, handling systems)
  • Plants for sorting recycable material
  • Software solutions for delivered machines upon request
  • Assembly, maintenance and service



  • Steel manufacture companies as well as other machine construction companies



  • Welding Certificate
  • DIN ISO 9001


Individual storage and logistic solutions

Innovative warehousing and materials-handling technology that’s what Matthiessen is all about. The company develops, constructs and installs individual storage and material flow systems for all types of branches.


The company is specialised in the handling of long length, bulky and heavy goods, for example in the printing or steel industry. Holistic solutions, which contain compatible software, are another competency. With the deployment of the very latest production equipment, competent engineers and reliable set-up staff, Matthiessen develops solutions, which are flexible, future-oriented and functional. High availability, rapid access and high productivity are key competencies for Matthiessen.

Modern, computer supported user interfaces tailored to each individual work station make even highly complex material flow solutions simple to operate.


The company also operates in the technology for sorting recycling materials: The machine for ripping open and emptying the sacks, and for the metering, can achieve an output of up to 10 tons per hour, corresponding to 2.500 - 5000 “yellow“ garbage sacks. The modular design of the Matthiessen plant systems ensures efficient and economic operation at the user’s site, thus making sure that costs are kept to a minimum. The machine offers an additional asset for companies and the environment: Equipped with the most modern control systems, this machine not only simplifies work enormously, but also contributes to reducing energy costs in the plant. Today this kind of plants and machines are distributed Europe-wide and enjoys great acceptance due to the rugged assembly.


Matthiessen warehousing and material handling technology is developed, planned, constructed, manufactured, assembled and maintained/serviced by Matthiessen owned and continuously qualified personnel.

Sack ripping, emptying and dosing machine

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