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Ingenieurgesellschaft Siebert & Partner mbH

Fraunhoferstraße 3

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 95 74 66 5 
+49-(0)4821 / 95 74 66 9 
Founding year: 
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Contact person: 
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Reese 

Industrial sector

  • Engineering office in the building industry, specialisation in sewer quality management


Fields of application

  • Water supply and distribution, coast protection
  • Sewer restoration
  • Landfill and waste management
  • Road construction



  • Development, expertise and analysis of reinforced duroplastic synthetics and thermoplastics for the sewer restoration
  • Expertise and analysis of thermoplastics for the landfill and waste water technology
  • Sewer quality management:
    - Installation of land registers
    - Damage classification of sewage systems
    - Status evaluation regarding necessary urgent measures for restoration
    - Valuation of property, measurements of earthworks and costing, comparison of damage removal procedures
    - Hydrodynamic proof of waste water systems
    - Processing of restoration measures from basic evaluation to project support
    - Project-oriented quality assurance
  • Planning of sewage systems (municipal and industrial)
  • Waste deposit exploration, analysis and evaluation


Other locations

  • Siebert Ingenieurbüro für Kunststofftechnik mbH (SIK), Oststeinbek/Hamburg, Cologne, Munich



  • SIK: Accreditation of the German Accreditation council and technical approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) as a certification authority and monitoring agency for external monitoring


Two specialists - one team

Since 25 years the engineering office - Siebert engineering office for plastics technology -operates in the field of expertise, quality assurance, material control and application technology. Special subjects are sewer restoration and waste management. Repeated enquiries of clients regarding to planning services and engineering support lead to the foundation of Siebert & Partner mbH ISP.


In addition to engineering support in the special subjects of sewer restoration and building of landfills we offer advanced planning performances amongst others in the special fields of water management, road construction and civil engineering. Because of the combination of all special fields under one roof synergy effects arise through faster and more efficient workmanship. Together with Siebert engineer’s office for plastics technology we are able to incorporate our experiences of the last 25 years of quality control and material control of sewer restoration measures and building of landsites in our projects. We offer our clients all-embracing and comprehensive solutions, which affect the fields of municipal draining of sewage.


Our sewage quality management begins with the surveying of sewerages and generation of digital sewer cadaster and then reaches the compilation of redevelopment concepts and construction monitoring up to quality assurance and material control of for example tube liner measures.


With the aid of special sewage information systems the operator of a sewer network achieves necessary information extending over several years to install cost-effective required capital investments and calculate the sewage fee in the long run.


Quality inspection

Material inspection

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