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Holcim (Deutschland) AG Werk Lägerdorf

Sandweg 10

25566 Lägerdorf


+49-(0)4828 / 60 0 
+49-(0)4828 / 16 90 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
217 Mio EUR 
Contact person: 
Dr. Jens Marquardt 
Manager of enterprise communication 

Industrial sector

  • Construction industry


Fields of application

  • All users of construction material



Silo cements

  • Haven country cements
  • Haven country hut cements
  • furnace cements
  • Special cements
  • Special bonding agents for civil engineering (GEOROC)

Sack portion cements

  • Haven country cements
  • Haven country hut cements
  • Furnace cements
  • Special cements
  • Especially in each of the three product lines: Easy Line (private use), Professional and Special Line (for special tasks in the construction industry)


The collection is centered on quality products on a mineral basis: cement, concrete, aggregates as well as mineral nutrients such as coal fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag.

Other locations

  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Höver, Germany
  • Salzgitter, Germany
  • Bremen, Germany
  • Rostock, Germany



  • Certification of quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Certification of environmental management systems according to DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Quality label "Sicher mit System" for work safety management


With strength, performance and passion!

Northern Germanys leading manufacturer of building materials the Holcim (Deutschland) AG combines tradition and modern trend, regionality and internationality extremely successful: the experiences of 140 years of cement production combined with state of the art technologies and plants in the production guarantees quality on highest level. Engrained in the rural environment of its manufacturing base Holcim refers its strengths from its membership to a world wide leading supplier of building material Holcim Ltd Switzerland.


Building material of Holcim is in all constructions everywhere in Northern Germany. Private users also count on Holcim as well as planners of the seaport Hamburg or constructers of the Elbtunnel. Customers’ requirements always have top priority: Holcim offers custom-tailored solution with strength, performance and passion.


Holcim is aware of its responsibility towards human beings and the environment: environment indulgence and environment protection have especial high priority. In practise this means increased commitment of alternative raw materials and fuels for the production of cement.


By today 50 percent of the required energy is created by alternative fuels e.g. used tyres or plastic shreds already by today. Granulated blast furnace slag, which accumulates in the steel production, is used as an additive. Primary resources as coal and chalk are preserved in this way and subsequently material cycles are closed and CO2 emissions are lowered.

Furnace in the factory Lägerdorf

Factory Lägerdorf

Chalk is the raw material for the cement production in Lägerdorf

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