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Esko-Graphics Imaging GmbH

Heerskamp 6

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 77 01 0 
+49-(0)4821 / 77 01 10 
Founding year: 
1961 (als Jens Scheel Mechanische Geräte) 
Number of employees: 
50 in Itzehoe, 840 weltweit 
Contact person: 
Jürgen Andresen 

Industrial sector

  • Prepress engineering and software development


Fields of aaplication

  • Printing industry
  • Packaging industry



CyrelTM Digital Imager (CDI) productline

  • CDI Advance: flexo plate applications of highest quality, mainly for flexible packaging and folding cartons
  • CDI Compact: for highest quality in medium web flexo applications
  • CDI Spark XT: for smaller and medium sized labels and folding cartons
  • CDI Spark: for tags and labels, also for small volume flexo plate producers


  • Scope for Packaging: complete digital workflow, in which CDI integrates seamlessly
  • Grapholas: powerful front-end, especially developed control software for CDI
  • PlatePrep: for seamless imaging by platemaking on different CDIs over various sites in multiple locations 


Other locations

  • Belgium, USA, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Japan



  • Du Pont de Nemours



  • CE
  • UL
  • TÜV


Company profile

Esko-Graphics Imaging GmbH belongs to the pioneers in laser technology for flexo printing. Flexo printing former named aniline printing has its name because of its elastic, flexible printing plate and is used in particular in the packaging industry.


Since decades special machines for the printing industry were developed in the location of Itzehoe. In 1961 Mr. Jens Scheel founded the company Jens Scheel Mechanische Geräte in Itzehoe. In 1975 the worldwide first laser engraver for endless flexo printing was introduced in Itzehoe. Among numerous innovations the Cyrel Digital Imager was developed together with DuPont for the flexo computer-to-plate imagers. To guarantee a worldwide presence the company was sold to the Barco group. In 2001 Purip-Eskofot and Barco Graphics merged to form Esko-Graphics with it’s headquarter in Belgium. Since the market entry in 1995 Itzehoe concentrates on the development and production of the CDI range. All production steps take place in Itzehoe. An expert team from engineers are engaged in research and development and develop quality products from software to machines.


The Cryel Digital Imager from Esko-Graphics is the most used laser engraver for seamless imaging of flexo plates worldwide. The CDI guarantees a quality and consistency which was only possible with offset and gravure printing up to now. The CDI range offers maximum flexibility to adjust to technical demands as well as high productivity. Because of constant further developments the illumination rate did reduplicate every 18 months so far. With the delivery of 150 Cyrel Digital Imagers per year Esko-Graphics covers 80% of the world market. Esko-Graphic received the Intertech Technology Award for Innovative Excellence and the Flexographic Technical Innovation Award for the CDI.

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