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Sterling SIHI

Lindenstraße 170

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 77 10 1 
+49-(0)4821 / 77 12 74 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
850 (Germany) 
100 Mio. Euro (Germany) 
Contact person: 
Manfred van Ohlen 

Industrial sector

  • Machine construction


Fields of application

  • Chemistry (basic chemistry, fine/downstream chemistry, pharmacy)
  • Industry (food, plant construction, general industrial applications)
  • Energy and environment (energy, municipal water supply, heavy machinery construction)



Liquid pumps

  • Volute casing pumps according to chemical standards
  • Industry and water standard pumps
  • Side channel pumps
  • Heat transfer pumps
  • Multistage pumps
  • Rotary seal less pumps
  • Sludge mixers


Vacuum pumps

  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Liquid ring compressors
  • Gas emitters

  • Dry running vacuum pumps


Engineered plant systems

  • Vacuum and compressor systems
  • Membrane systems
  • Liquid pump systems



  • Installation and commissioning
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Service contracts, 24-hour emergency service
  • Industrial services: technical checks and analyses


Other locations

  • Selling and service departments in 40 countries with over 100 locations
  • Manufactoring centres

- Germany

- France

- Spain


  • DIN ISO 9001


Competent and innovative process technology

Wherever in the world liquids and gases will be pumped, aggregates and plants from Sterling SIHI convince since over 80 years through a maximum of quality and capability. We deliver liquid and vacuum pumps as well as complete plants for various applications in the chemistry, pharmacy, food or beverage industry, plastics industry, steel industry, paper industry and for general industrial applications.


Sterling SIHI focuses basically on the chemistry, industry and energy and environment market to be able to offer a performance from consultancy up to the service beyond comparison. In the first place core markets were attended by the division chemistry, industry and energy and environment.


It is self-evident for us that our customers get an efficient after sales assistance and services after the purchase of our products. With our service the customers get a competent consultation, which covers the whole business activity from the technical consultation, the maintenance up to the emergency breakdown support.


As a part of the Sterling Fluid Systems Group Sterling SIHI offers a worldwide service network and customer service, which is unique in this industry.


Manufacturing plant in Itzehoe

Manufacturing plant in Ludwigshafen

Manufacturing plant in Tönning

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