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Wägetechnik Nord GmbH

Fasanenweg 15

25548 Kellinghusen


+49-(0)4822 / 27 44 
+49-(0)4822 / 18 75 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
Contact person: 
Dieter Steingrube 

Industrial sector

  • Weighing technology, machine construction


Fields of application

  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Research



  • Special weighing machines and purpose made types of construction including control engineering and material handling
  • Filling and portioning control Shop scales
  • Precision, laboratory and counting scales
  • Industrial and control scales
  • Lifting scales (scales on wheels)
  • Weighing systems
  • Weights
  • Consulting and training
  • Calibrating preperations
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Conversion and modernisation


A competent partner in all aspects of industrial weighing

Wägetechnik Nord GmbH has made weighing its business – a process which has been playing a highly significant role in many industries for already thousands of years. Today, the main focus is on accuracy, from high-precision laboratory scales up to bulk and vehicle scales. The company offers state-of-the-art weighing systems which are used wherever weights, masses and quantities need to be calculated. The product range covers from high-precision laboratory scales via food scales up to inherently safe electronic weighing systems for explosive areas. Lifting scales on wheels perform weighing and transport in one step and enable efficient work processes.


The qualified company (Meisterbetrieb) from Kellinghusen not only stocks special-purpose scales of the major manufacturers but also designs and manufactures customer specific solutions. The special-purpose scales are fitted exactly into processes and appliances and are installed including control engineering and material handling. Weighing systems from Kellinghusen guarantee a constantly smooth and exact weighing process for the customer.


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