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Thies Gesundheitspartner GmbH

Lindenstraße 166

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 17 9-0 
+49-(0)4821 / 17 9-119 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
9 Mio. EUR 
Contact person: 
Mona Blascheck 

Industrial sector

  • Supplier of medical equipment, medical technology


Fields of application

  • Medical supply (health/rehabilitation/orthopaedics technology/orthopaedic shoes/medical technology)



  • Thies VacuTec®
  • Distribution and maintenance of medical technology devices
  • Rehabilitation, orthopaedics and medical technology, including special models for children
  • Extensive 24-hour services in medical technology
  • Training for nursing staff


Other locations

  • RehaCenter/OrthoCenter Itzehoe Lindenstraße, Germany
  • MediCenter in Dägeling (further MediCenter offices in Hamburg and Verden), Gerrmany 
  • RehaCenter/OrthoCenter/SaniCenter/Hamburg, Germany 
  • RehaCenter Heide, Germany 
  • SaniCenter Itzehoe, Germany 
  • SaniCenter Glückstadt, Germany 



  • Thies Gesundheitspartner is a member in the association TOP-Gruppe
  • MediCenter is a member of Deutsche Medi Care, Leistungsgemeinschaft für medizinische Heimversorgung eG (= German Medi Care, service community for medical homecare)
  • Numerous international distribution partners for Thies Vacu Tec®
  • RKN (Reha Konzept Nord, rehabilitation concept North) network of 7 medical suppliers from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany



  • Thies Vacu Tec® is registered under no. in the auxiliary aids catalogue of the German health insurances
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 46001


All under one umbrella

Thies Gesundheitspartner started over sixty years ago with a specialty store for orthopaedic technology and medical supply. Later on, the product range was expanded to include rehabilitation and medical technology. Today, Thies Gesundheitspartner offers every kind of service related to health – all under one umbrella. The subsidiary company MediCenter is the leading all-round service provider for medical technology in the homecare sector and in nutrition. MediCenter distributes and maintains medical technology devices and provides a 24-hour emergency service. Thanks to its membership in the association TOP-Gruppe, Thies Gesundheitspartner is able to deliver all products in 24 hours everywhere in Northern Germany.


Further to its outstanding range of products, Thies also developed an innovative product: the European-wide used positioning system Thies Vacu Tec® is a refinement of the vacuum technology which was developed for rescue services. It consists of a synthetic cover filled with Styrofoam pellets. Through draining or adding of air, it can be adjusted to any position and physical shape, it can be hardened or softened and thus facilitates the safe and comfortable positioning of e. g. disabled persons or premature infants. Children’s healthcare is a core competency of the company: Thies Vacu Tec® is primarily used for children and with the KinderCenter Thies the company has a division which provides rehabilitation, orthopaedics and medical technology especially for children.

Thies Gesundheitspartner Itzehoe, Germany

Thies Gesundheitspartner store Hamburg, Germany

SaniCenter Itzehoe, Germany

Medicenter Dägeling, Germany

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