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Reese + Thies Industrieelektronik GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Straße 21

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 9 00 82 0 
+49-(0)4821 / 9 00 82 10 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
8 (6 engineers) 
Contact persons: 
Dipl.-Ing. Hagen Reese, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Thies 

Industrial sector

  • Electronic development for drive engineering, materials handling technology, customised technology


Fields of application

  • Fork-lifts
  • Marine technology, underwater technology
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Crane systems
  • Test control units
  • Electric drives




  • embedded control, electrical drive engineering
  • Fieldbus systems CAN, Profibus, Interbus


Software Development

  • Real time µC applications
  • In C/C++, also assembler
  • Structured, modular and tested


Hardware development

  • Microcontroller, power electronic
  • CAD multilayer development, EMV appropriate design
  • Production-optimised
  • Analogue and digital technique


Building of prototypes

  • Fast implementation to the full functional range
  • Very close to the series solution


Building of testing sets

  • PC-surface, interfacing via USB or CAN



  • Flexible small series, shortest delivery times



  • Member of Hightech Itzehoe e.V.
  • Electronic Service Christoph Dichte, Brunsbüttel, Germany
  • Intratec GmbH, Ellerau, Germany
  • Member in the centre of competency IMEZ, Zentrum für Elektronikanwendungen der Industrie- und Messtechnik (Centre for Electronic applications in Industry and Measureing technology)



  • DIN ISO 9001 for all application areas


Your partner for engineering, hard- and software in drive engineering

Reese + Thies Industrieelektronik GmbH develops innovative solutions for the control and regulation of electrical drives and plants since one decade. The company has grown continuously in these years. Today, Reese + Thies have 8 employees of whom 6 are engineers developing soft- and hardware.


Another competency of Reese + Thies is the combination of microelectronics, field busses and power electronics in one design. Their years of experience in the development of control units for vehicles are also brought into IMEZ, which was co-founded by Reese + Thies. IMEZ in Kaltenkirchen is an innovative, interdisciplinary network of various experts in industrial electronics. With the joint competency of its member companies, IMEZ is a one-stop shop for its customers. Where single companies may have failed, IMEZ jointly solves complex tasks easily.


Customer orientation is the first commandment of Reese + Thies. Specifications are always determined accurately and in close collaboration with the principals’ developers, before a proposal is made. After developing the hard- and software, a close-to-production prototype is developed at exceptional speed. If requested, the customer will receive the entire development cycle from one source. Serial production of electronic assemblies is offered, with the development, project organisation and material purchase all taking place at the company premises in Itzehoe. After the manufacturing is done by partner companies, the assemblies are tested by Reese + Thies and put into operation at the customers premises. Only if the customer is completely satisfied the employees of Reese + Thies will also be satisfied.

Vehicle control device for operating data collection with 16-Bit µC (C164), switching power supply with large voltage range and CAN bus

Test equipment for serial production in the vehicle construction. The instrument simulates the driving cab and allows to test the vehicle electricity with all components.

Test banch for serial testing and compensation of a high-power motor. (brushless DC)

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