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AAC andreas andresen consulting gmbh

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25377 Kollmar


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Andreas Andresen 

Business sector


Areas of application

IT Consulting
IT architectures
Process modelling
IT design
IT project management
Process consulting


Product sketchIt!


A tool for agile modelling with UML in decentralised teams: co-operating simultaneously, in real-time via internet.


Product S = k*c²®


An agile process model for software development on a UML basis.

S = k*c² is

ad hoc applicable and flexible
ensures expandability and scalability
improves the company's software quality
accelerates time-to-market
improves teamwork and increases productivity
reduces development costs

Further locations

Germany, 22765 Hamburg, Mottenburger Twiete 1

Existing co-operations

United Architects

Agile modelling and agile architectures

AAC andreas andresen consulting gmbh is an innovative IT management consultancy focussing on:

Process modelling 
Software and IT architectures
Design and IT management 
Object and component technologies 

AAC gives support in all phases of design, modelling and architecture of innovative IT systems. AAC takes care of the project management and assists through training, coaching and collaboration on site.

AAC has developed S = k*c²® - an agile process model- and sketchIt!® - a tool for agile modelling in distributed teams. These products, when matched to specific customer requirements, can be optimally integrated into software development projects.

AAC are experts for agile process modelling technologies and agile architectures.

We shape innovative processes with agile technologies and help companies to get strategic competitive advantages.

UML process modelling
Agile modelling of business processes
Modelling of virtual communities
E-business process modelling
Web based process modelling
Optimisation of business processes
Process visualisation
Process simulation


AAC are experts in trendsetting IT architectures and put your systems into the position to win on the global market. We design your innovative

Service oriented architectures (SOA)
Web architectures
B2B architectures
E-business architectures
EAI architectures
J2EE/.NET architectures
Model driven architectures (MDA)

AAC are experts for object and component technologies and agile process models. We design tomorrow's innovative value added systems with agile process models like Scrum, XP, S=k*c²®, RUP etc. The developed process model S=k*c²® is described in "Komponentenbasierte Softwareentwicklung mit MDA, UML 2 und XML", second edition, published by Carl Hanser Verlag 2004.

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