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ISS Industrie-Steuerungen und Software GmbH & Co. KG

Fraunhoferstraße 3

25524 Itzehoe


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Joachim Heße, Director 
Erhard Hörr, Director 

Industrial sector

  • Basic and detail engineering for process automation and power supply plants<o:p></o:p>


Fields of application

Petrochemical industry

  • Process plants (desulphurisation-, wastewater treatment-, sulphur recovery plants)
  • Loading plants (tank trucks, rail tank cars, vessels and pipelines)
  • Deposits (tank facilities, gas recovery plants)

Power supply

  • Medium and low voltage installations
  • Emergency power plants



The service range includes:


Conceptional work

  • Basic engineering
  • Compilation of realisation concepts and requirements specifications
  • Concepts for plant modernization during full operation


Planning - development - settlement of the project

  • Detail engineering
  • Compilation of assembly documents and assembly bill of quantities
  • Project management/jobsite management/cost control/expediting Initial operation

    Initial operation

    • Loop Check
    • Functional tests
    • As built documentation



    • Compilation of EMSR documentation with CAE-System Sigraph and other systems
    • R&I, data sheets, circuit writing diagrams, terminal assignment plans, lists of cables etc.



    • DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
    • Specialist firm according to §19l Water Resources Law


    Customer orientated problem solutions from projects practice

    The company INDUSTRIE-STEUERUNGEN UND SOFTWARE GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1989 and has been growing constantly since then.


    Our portfolio of services includes the planning, development, implementation, maintenance and modernization of process automation systems and control systems. Dealing with software, as well as the manufacturing control in the above mentioned areas belongs to our business activities.


    From the clerk up to the management proximity to the customer, awareness of his needs and the circumstances and conditions of his environment are in the centre of all activities. The compliance of the high quality standards of our services is our avowed goal.


    Emphasis is the modernization of existing plants with minimal downtime. For this task the understanding of old technology and innovative technology is obligatory.


    As the plants of our customers are predominantly in explosive areas, accuracy and constant training of our employees are decisive.


    Control room refinery

    Processing unit refinery

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