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Condias GmbH

Fraunhoferstraße 1b

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 80 40 87 0 
+49-(0)4821 / 80 40 87 11 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
Contact person: 
Dr. Thorsten Matthée
Dr. Matthias Fryda 

Industrial sector

  • Environmental technology


Fields of application

  • Water disinfection, waste water treatment
  • Electroplating, Galvanic
  • Electrochemistry



  • Customer specific development and production of diamond coated electrodes (DIACHEM® electrodes), electrodes assemblies and electro chemical cells for water treatment
  • Wastewater analysis for the development of new solutions
  • Customised water treatment plants



  • Fraunhofer IST Institute for Thin-Film Technology and Surface Engineering, Braunschweig
  • G.E.R.U.S mbH (Association for Electrochemical Recycling, Environmental and Solar Technology), Berlin
  • MEKATEM GmbH, Usingen
  • Permelec Electrode Ltd, Japan
  • ESAU & HUEBER GmbH, Schrobenhausen
  • AQUABIOTEC GmbH, Lübeck
  • Permascand AB, Sweden


DIACHEM® provides clean water

The Condias GmbH was founded by its directors in August 2001. The company is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Thin-Film Technology and Surface Engineering. In 2003, the company received the Schmidt-Römhild Technology Prize for pioneer work in the area of conductive diamond coated electrodes.


The Condias GmbH develops and produces electrodes, which are coated with a thin diamond layer. They are particularly favourably applicable in water treatment, electrochemical synthesis and special galvanic applications. Due to the wide range of industrial applications and individual requirements DIACHEM® electrodes are solely manufactured to meet customer specifications. The Condias GmbH understands itself as sub-suppliers to manufacturers of water treatment plants. When industrial waste water is exposed to low voltage using DIACHEM® electrodes, even highly toxic organic substances such as oils, lubricants, germs and hormones in industrial waste water are reliably destroyed. In addition, the electrochemical process (Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process, EAOP®) can be used to keep industrial high-purity water germ-free and drinking water can be disinfected.

Condias GmbH production facility in Itzehoe

CONDIACELL® system for waste water treatment

DIACHEM® electrodes with membranes for water disinfection

CONDIAPURE® miniature reactor for water desinfection

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