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Reichmann Feinoptik GmbH

Dorfstraße 25

25576 Brokdorf


+49-(0)4829 / 13 51 
+49-(0)4829 / 13 54 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
Contact person: 
Monika Reichmann 

Industrial sector

  • Optics


Fields of application

  • All areas of tool building, industry and science
  • Laser technology, projectors, nuclear physics and electronics



  • Lenses
  • Projection lenses
  • Optical devices
  • Plane mirrors
  • Optical filters, heat insulation filters, tinted glass filters
  • Quartz glass optics
  • Cylinders and cylinder lenses
  • Illumination optics
  • Thermal hardening of filters, plates, inspection glasses and lenses
  • Dielectric and metallic vacuum evaporated layers
  • Thin-film technology for optics
  • Consulting and requirement analysis, development, construction and manufactoring of prototypes and series according to customer specifications



  • Specialist business qualified to train apprentices (Meisterbetrieb), fulfilling all required certification criteria


Precision optics since 1924

Optical technologies have a great importance for the industry. Reichmann Feinoptik GmbH is manufacturing optical components since 80 years, which are applied worldwide in all areas of equipment engineering, industry and science. Lenses, mirrors, filters and prisms are specially produced according to customer specifications in Brokdorf. The level of surface precision is within the nanometre range. The company is particularly experienced in the area of optical systems, coloured and neutral filter additives, as well as calculation and manufacturing of projection lenses with optimised illumination systems.


Reichmann Feinoptik constantly develops innovative products, last but not least in the area of thin-film technology, which is a further core competency of the company. 


Through its internal trainee programme, the company creates a pool of highly qualified employees who guarantee the scheduled and individual order processing as well as the high quality standards for which the name of Reichmann is internationally renowned.

Optical devices

Optical filters

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